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Birthdate : April 16
Zodiac Sign : Aries
Height : 5' 3"
Stats : 36EE - 26 - 38
Hair : Black
Eye : Brown
Natural Skin Color : Olive
Dress Size : 4
Shoe Size : 7 1/2
My Body : Curvy
Ethnicity : Latina
Citizenship : USA
Occupation : Modeling
Marital Status : single
Favorite Position : bend me over
Favorite Car : Cadillac XLR
About Us Photograph
Well lets see, I was born and raised in Southern California, L.A. County to be exact, on April 16, the baby of three. Growing up a teenager was so much fun, where I lived their was always someone having a party every weekend. I remember I would wear some of the sexiest outfits to these parties and girls would hate cause their guy would stare, I loved it...Ahh good times. No responsibilities

As a young adult I wanted to start doing for myself I hated asking for things, so I decided to go job hunting. I applied at so many places with no luck. While sitting at home looking through the job ads I notice a now hiring ad for hostess. So I show up to this place not knowing anything about a hostess. I'm nervous cause this is my first interview and I don't know what to say. The manager comes in introduces himself and ask how old am I, and I reply, nineteen and he ask when can I start working. I quickly reply tomorrow. So he starts explaining what a hostess does, I basically just have to look pretty and entertain gentlemen with conversation, I thought to myself, look pretty and talk that's easy, I do that everyday.
About Us Photograph
I left that place so excited, thinking of all the things I'm going to buy. Money was good, I was taking care of myself, enjoying life and making new friends, but like they say, all good things must come to an end, while, mines did when I was fired. So hear I am out of work doing the job hunting thing again, no luck. Bored of staying home I call my girl friend to see if she wants to hang out. On my way over I pass this place that reads, gentlemen's club. A few weeks ago I would have just kept driving past this place but I'm out of work with bills, no time to be picky. So I walk up to the front and ask if they are hiring, always he replied, not knowing what expect I say o.k. can I apply.

So I'm in the managers office showing him my i.d. and stuff, when he says I will need you to audition for me on stage NAKED, my heart started beating like crazy, I wanted to get up and run to my car, but couldn't cause I needed money. My interview was going to be me naked on stage. Hear I go walking to the stage feeling weak in the knees, butterflies in my stomach stripping down to my birthday suit not knowing what to do, my mind was blank. After it was all said and done the manager lets me know I was hired.

A few weeks go by and I feel comfortable, made friends and have somewhat of a dance routine. Working here was fun, the girls love to party and sometimes make out with each other. The best part was when the club would have big name pornstars feature for the week. I would watch these girls on t.v. and now I get to see them in person perform on stage show. When the features would come to the club I would talk to them about the porn business, I was curious.

Getting into the porn business was easy you just have to like sex or at least act like you do and having big boobs also helps.
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